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What Is Third Alarm Coaching

All About?

Third Alarm Coaching is dedicated to helping First Responders take back control of their life.  Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually


Allan is a Certified Master Level Health Coach who Specializes in helping First Responders who feel like they are struggling to keep things together


Allan is also a Certified Nutritionist, as well as an Elite Trainer who focuses his private practice to helping those First Responders who want to get healthy and are ready to take back their life


Third Alarm Coaching helps First Responders create the life they want by teaching:

Habit Change


Personal Growth

Mental & Physical Resiliency

If you are a First Responder and feel you are burning the candle at both ends and need help regaining control in your life, then look no further. 

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 I had no true understanding of my needs when I initially contacted Allan. I originally wanted some help to fine tune some exercise and nutrition changes I was in the process of making.

I really had no idea what was truly needed until we started exploring my life. 30 years of combined public service had provided me with limited poor coping mechanisms but I didn't know the direction it had slowly taken until I felt helpless to stop the descent.

Everywhere was nothing but stigma regarding mental health options for First Responders...

It seems nobody seeks help without EVERYONE around knowing and changing how they treat you. I knew if I admitted I was damaged then I would be treated as damaged goods and discarded, not fixed.

I love the work I do, but I had hit bottom again and was struggling to get up again this time. My personal relationships were failing, my physical and mental health were at an all time low, and I was contemplating some very harsh options. (My current employer is actually known for its employee suicide rate that I was frighteningly beginning to understand.)

I knew if I was to LIVE that I immediately needed to change things in my life. I was severely overweight and that wasn't helping the depression so I began a rudimentary exercise program with one very simple goal: just get moving, stay moving, and eat better.

I contacted Allan after about 13 weeks of rough progress and establishing a couple better habits. Allan brought me “out of the dark, and into the light”.  I committed to 12 weeks of self care. For the first time in my life, I was putting myself first. At first I was apprehensive but I quickly became truly excited about every session. I soon began to feel better both mentally and physically.

We tuned my nutrition and exercise and even exceeded my expectations! I have now lost 90 pounds, including 30 pounds during 12 weeks with Allan.

Allan has helped me regain my life so that I can now happily continue to give to my community. I now live a life of gratitude and appreciation that I am able to sustain.



United States of America

As a first responder for the past 27 years I allowed the clutter, confusion and weight of PTSD to creep into my life. Not all that many years ago I was at a point where anxiety, fear, depression, anger and resentment were the reality of most of my environments.

While I have worked hard over the past few years to understand myself, my PTSD and my circumstance, it has at times been daunting and fraught with disappointment, which has limited my ability for recovery and post traumatic growth.

Allan’s program, his methods, and more so his understanding have offered me a form of “enlightenment.” The 90 Day Total Mind & Body Transformation Program has challenged me to look deeper at why obstacles still exist, has offered me tools and insights to focus on positivity, understanding my emotions and to appreciate myself and those around me.

I now have a better understanding of who I am, and who I want to be in my journey to post traumatic growth.”




I have written and deleted this so many times because I can’t truly find the words that accurately describe just how amazing Allan is to me.

I was in a very dark place, struggling with a lot of aspects of my life – self love, my relationship, my feelings towards myself as a parent, and as a Paramedic.

Allan changed my life – 1000%. And he will tell you, and me, that he guided me to change my own life, which is true, but I will forever be grateful to him for what he did for me to help me find my way.

I honestly don’t know that there are words to describe how incredibly grateful that I will always be to him. But I can tell you this. I have never met Allan in person – all of our correspondence has been online and by phone, and he is family to me. I trust him with everything and love him like family.

He is the big brother who heard my struggles and helped me kick their ass! I know when I’m struggling, he will always have my back, and that is enough for me to keep pushing to find my true self love knowing that he will always encourage me.

If you are considering in any way contacting Allan, don’t hesitate – you are not going to regret getting to know him. He is a beautiful person – he’s a great spouse, a wonderful father, an awesome Paramedic and Firefighter and a simply amazing person.

I am lucky to be able to call him my friend and look forward to continuing to grow my relationship with him. Because I decided to reach out to Allan, I now have a rock-solid fitness routine that has become second nature to me.

My nutritional goals are getting closer every single day. I’ve worked through some of my emotional demons that I didn’t even realize were consuming me, and I’ve learned to love me!

This has made me a better spouse, a better mother, a better paramedic and an all-around better person! I will always remember my path to finding self love, and continually thank Allan as I continue along it!




 Where do I start? How do I begin to tell you how big of an impact Allan made in my life?

I guess I will start at the beginning. I first met Allan when I was just looking for help with my work outs. I did one challenge and that was it, I was not ready to make that change in my life physically or mentally.

Allan didn't push me to make that change he just wanted me to know that he was there when I was ready.

Well fast forward one year later and I was struggling. I was the heaviest I had ever been, struggling with PTSD and anxiety every time the tones dropped at the station. I was not in a very good place.

I reached out to Allan hoping that he would still be there for me like he said he would. Allan was there and he welcomed me back like I was never even gone.

Allan helped me get back into my workouts, focused on personal development, and really gave me a place where I could share my struggles and not feel judged.

Allan gave me the support and tools I needed, to help me get control of my life.

Thanks Allan.



United States of America

The first time I met Allan was through work back in 2002.  I was at the same station Allan worked out of.  Allan was quite a bit heavier then and little did I know of the issues he was trying to work through.

Fast forward to 2018 and I was having my own real-life struggles.  A PTSI diagnosis, anxiety and depression hit like a ton of bricks.  I found out why people in similar situations decide that life is not worth the pain – mental anguish and a deep, physical pain due to the metabolic changes brought on by the neurological effects on the endocrine system. 

As a lead up to the crash, I was eating my feelings and using alcohol to escape.  This resulted in me being some 60 pounds overweight.

I started counselling/therapy and found a dim light, some hope to cling to.  That dim light was still there when Allan reached out and suggested, make that asked, me to join him in an on-line exercise group.  I thought why not?  I’m doing nothing but sitting at home trying to get better. 

Allan did not look like the Allan I knew from several years previously.  He was a lean, very fit looking guy.  At some point in our challenge exercise program that dim light became a supernova.  I was eating cleaner and healthier, feeling better by the day, so much so that it felt like I could do anything.

Allan was a leader for the group and through his gentle persistence, okay I won’t lie, at times it was a small hammer (LOL), his guidance, the stories we in the group shared, we raised the bar for ourselves every day and continue to do so to this day. 

Even though I felt like I could do anything, Allan tempered my enthusiasm by asking me to go slow on the workouts to avoid injury.  So, even though we were getting better daily, too much of a jump creates a gap, a hole which could be filled in with less than desirable choices or something to fall into if you will.

Writing this reminds me that I need to remember that bar and what I left behind and what I have ahead for the future, even if there are daily events which might make one want to crawl back into a hole. 

I can honestly say I made a true friend with Allan, someone who does care about the people who try to overcome their struggles and turn those challenges into opportunities for growth.




I first met Allan in March of 2018 when I joined one of his online fitness group looking for support and accountability.

That was the first step I had taken in a very long time to put my physical and mental health as a priority in my life. Allan then contacted me in January of 2019 asking if I wanted to work one on one with him as my coach for 12 weeks.

I committed to working with Allan for 12 weeks and am amazed at the changes I’ve made mentally. I have always struggled with negative self talk and as a result would self sabotage myself many times in the past.

I’m still a work in progress but now I believe in myself more than I ever have and know that I’m the only person who was stopping myself from achieving the goals I wanted.  I have learned to make choices without guilt that are now good for me. My confidence has increased and I don’t give up as easily anymore.

Allan has help me find my purpose again and I know that if I keep being consistent, I will get closer to my goals.




I would like to start by saying thank you Allan, you literally saved my life. I have been in the LawEnforcement & First Responder world since 2004. 

During my time in these roles, I have been through and have seen some bad stuff. As time went on I pushed and repressed everything, I hit rock bottom. I was at the point in my life where I couldn’t trust myself with my own firearms in the house and thought about suicide more than not.  I was an angry, negative and miserable person to be around. I had that black cloud hanging over my head all the time. My family was seeing me like this and going through hell because of my “coping mechanisms”.

I would use alcohol to escape my reality and numb my brain.  I would emotionally eat after having a crappy shift.  I would yell at my kids and snap over the littlest thing.  I also couldn’t go out in public and feel safe with my family due to my hyper vigilance.  Thinking everyone was “the bad guy”, or fear of seeing a past “client” I had dealt with previously.

I remember when I met Allan.  It was at one of his workout classes.  I stood in that gym and listened to him tell his story to a room full of other first responders. That’s where it hit me.  That is where I decided it was time for me to take back my life.

I remember my first session with Allan and being excited and scared as hell all at the same time.  Allan made me feel like I was a lifelong friend and really had that calming effect where I could open to him and feel safe.

Allan taught me techniques and gave me resources that will last a lifetime. Each week that progressed I was seeing not only a mental transformation, but also a physical transformation as well. I had learned so much about my nutrition and things my body didn’t need. I am down 12 pounds, 2 pant sizes and wearing smaller clothes. 

My mental resiliency has become a lot stronger with the techniques Allan has taught me. I recover quicker when experiencing a traumatic event, which is something I never thought I could do. I have a way better relationship with food now than I did before.

I also have an amazing relationship with my spouse and kids, which is something I cannot put into words how it makes me feel. I am not the man I used to be…. I am better than my old self. I feel I have levelled up to a new norm since completing Allan’s program. One of my favourite sayings that Allan used every session was “small hinges swing big doors”. Well, I not only swung that door open, I busted that thing down.  

I sincerely thank you Allan for everything you have taught me and holding space for me.  It’s scary to think where I would be if I hadn’t known you and had the pleasure of working with you through this journey. I can only become stronger and level up from here on out. I know I still have mountains to climb, but with each peak comes a new beginning.  I will never forget what you’ve done for me.

Stay safe my friend,


Community Peace Officer




3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today As A First Responder!


3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today as a First Responder
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